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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boho style decorating?

Modern interior decorating in Boho style calls for rich room colors and allows to create unusual color combinations. All room colors are natural and pleasant, inspired by nature, sea waves and beach sand, plants and flowers, vegetables and fruits.

What is chic little Boho?

Boho chic is often characterized by billowy skirts and dresses. The boho chic style is about taking the basic style elements seen in the bohemian look and personalizing them. There is no set standard for how a certain piece of apparel must be worn. A gauzy cotton tunic can be left loose and worn over a skirt.

What is Bohemian decorating style?

Bohemian style is all about creating warmth and interest. It is a busy, cluttered style with a lot of interesting things going on. There is a lot of freedom with this style and many room decorating ideas to choose from.

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