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Frequently Asked Questions

What does broccoli rabe taste?

Although the flavor mellows somewhat as it cooks, broccoli rabe has a bitter taste that's also a bit earthy and nutty. It's particularly popular in Italian cuisine, and best when sautéed or blanched to soften the stalks and leaves.

Is broccoli bad for rabbits?

Broccoli has been known to cause uncomfortable gas in rabbits. Excessive gas is uncomfortable in anyone, but it’s very uncomfortable in rabbits.

When to plant broccoli raab?

Planting Broccoli Raab. Broccoli Raab (Rabe)grows best in cool, moist and moderate climates (temperatures under 85 degrees F). Due to an intolerance to heat, start broccoli raab indoors or in the greenhouse the beginning of February for transplanting in mid-March.

Where does broccoli rabe grow?

A staple of the early spring Italian American garden is rapini, also called rapa, cima di rapa, broccoletti, broccoli rabe, broccoli raab, even friarielli in and around Naples. It is popular in Italy, especially in southern Italy where dozens of varieties are grown.

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