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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon drone delivery?

Amazon drone delivery will enable even faster deliveries to customers, with the potential to increase overall safety and efficiency in the transportation network. Since then, we’ve developed new technologies and made investments in our logistics network that have helped us get packages to customers in two days, one day, and even on the same day.

What is drone delivery in Canada?

Drone Delivery Services. Drone Delivery Canada offers a Depot to Depot drone delivery logistics solution. This logistics delivery solution is ideal for rural areas of Canada in which goods are transported to and from distribution warehouses / locations. Applications for this next generation service are limitless.

What is the next generation delivery drone?

Just as we do with all our innovations—including Prime, Kindle, Alexa, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Prime Video, and so much more—we built something great with Prime Air drone delivery and then kept iterating on it. We’re now introducing our next generation delivery drone: the MK30.

Is prime air delivering packages by drones?

“Prime Air is committed to making our goal of delivering packages by drones a reality,” Amazon said in a statement to TIME. “We are pioneering new ground and it will continue to take time to create the right technology and infrastructure to safely deliver packages to customers.”

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