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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You overdraft Emerald Card?

You cannot overdraft emerald card as it is a prepaid debit MasterCard, not a credit card, offered by H&R Block company. You can make purchases that do not exceed the available amount on your card. Emerald card does not offer coverage such as Overdraft line of credit (ODLC).

How do I Check my Emerald Card balance?

Simply dial 800-HRBLOCK, or 800-472-5625, and supply the rep with your name and Emerald Mastercard account number. For security reasons you may be asked for more information. After pulling up your account, the agent will be able to tell you your available balance.

What is Emerald Advance line of credit?

The Emerald Advance® is a year-round line of credit that provides the ability to repeatedly borrow and repay up to $1000, depending on bank approval. Make a list and stick to it and try not to buy too early because when the good sales start you will be tempted to buy more.

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