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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a health declaration still mandatory in the Philippines?

However, the health declaration is still a mandatory requirement regardless of vaccination status, although it is no longer referred to as the OHP. Travelers accessed the One Health Pass for the Philippines through the web-based online portal. Applicants did not need to download a mobile application.

What is an employee health declaration form?

An employee health declaration form is an HR document that helps employers maintain a record of the health status of their employees. Change the employment status of an employee smoothly by using this Employee Change Form. This form template contains all necessary information when updating or changing the status of an employee.

Do I need the one health pass to travel to the Philippines?

Incoming passengers need to register their details and flight information before taking a flight to the Philippines as well as completing the mandatory electronic Health Declaration. They must provide contact details, health data, and other information about their trip. No one currently needs the One Health Pass, as it has been discontinued.

What is the new health declaration system?

The new system is similar to the OHP. However, you now have 72 hours before traveling to complete the health declaration. It’s useful for travelers to understand these terms and acronyms when completing the online registration process. eArrival Card — the online platform where travelers provide their information

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