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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Maine hospitals are offering short diversions for patients?

On Tuesday, only Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital in Ellsworth entered into a short diversion due to a lack of space in an emergency department. St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Lewiston also experienced a recent need to divert critical care patients, spokesperson Stephen Costello said, but it was accepting those patients as of Tuesday.

What is a full divert hospital?

Full Divert: The entire hospital, including theED, is unable to admit any additional patients(ambulance, walk-in emergency, critical care, gen-eral admission). Critical Care Divert:No intensive care unit(ICU)beds or critical/coronary care unit (CCU)beds are available. providers of emergency medical services.

Why did central Maine Medical Center suspend pediatric and trauma units?

Central Maine Medical Center’s recent decision to suspend pediatric and trauma units is the biggest escalation of diversion tactics that Maine hospitals have employed in recent weeks facing understaffing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How often do hospitals go on diversions?

During that time, many were on temporary diversions that hospitals enter when they are unable to accommodate patients in certain areas and ask first responders to send new patients elsewhere. Hospitals rarely announce diversions publicly, making it hard to understand how often it happens.

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