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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put fractions on a calculator?

Use the arrow keys to navigate and Enter to select new settings:Select n/d if you want your results to be shown as an improper fraction when possible.Select Un/d if you'd rather see your results as a mixed number (again, when possible).In the next option down, highlight and select Dec if you'd like your results to default into decimal form, Frac if you'd like them to default into fraction form and ...

How do you divide fractions into simplest form?

Change all the mixed numbers to improper fractions. …Reduce the fractions. …Cross out any common factors. …Multiply the numerators together and the denominators together.Reduce the answer.

How to divide fractions calculator?

The first fraction is left as it is; A / BWe take the reciprocal or the inverse of the second fraction. ...Multiply the numerators of the first fraction and the reciprocal of the second fraction (A × D). ...Multiply the denominators of the two fractions (B × C). ...Simplify the fraction. ...More items...

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