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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance company is Jefferson Pilot Corporation?

Jefferson-Pilot Corporation. The Jefferson-Pilot Corporation is one of the largest shareholder-owned life insurance companies in the United States. During the first decade of the twentieth century, ten insurance companies were incorporated in Greensboro, the strongest of which was Security Life Insurance Company.

What is Jefferson-Pilot term life insurance?

Term Life America Insurance is proud to offer Jefferson-Pilot Term Life Insurance. Solid resources backed by a combination of innovative products and service beyond expectations. Jefferson Pilot Corporation, a holding company (NYSE:JP), is one of the nation's largest shareholder-owned life insurance companies.

What is the history of Jefferson-Pilot?

The company became Jefferson-Pilot Corporation in 1968 when a holding company was formed out of Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company, Pilot Life Insurance Co., and Jefferson Standard Broadcasting Co. By 1980 Jefferson-Pilot's assets topped $1 billion.

What is the history of Jefferson Standard and Pilot Life Insurance?

1968: Jefferson Standard and Pilot Life Insurance form a holding company, Jefferson-Pilot . 1975: Pilot Life Insurance sets a sales record of $1.6 billion. August 1982: Jefferson Standard celebrates its 75th anniversary with $6.7 billion of insurance in force. 1986: Jefferson-Pilot reaches $40 billion of life insurance sold.

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