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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a lane shark dealer near me?

Please call 850-610-2870 to place an order or click the link below to find a Lane Shark USA dealer near you! How do I become a dealer? If you are interested in or would like to become a Lane Shark Dealer, please contact us at 850-610-2870 to discuss possible dealer opportunities!

How many patents does lane shark have?

Recognizing this innovation, the United States Patent Office granted Lane Shark the following patents — U.S. Patent Nos. ( 10,470,364) ( 10,905,044 ). Lane Shark USA expects to exclusively exploit its patented technology.

Will the lane shark brush cutter work with my machine?

Here is a compatibility check list to ensure the Lane Shark Brush Cutter will work with your machine. Hydraulic pump flow rate must be at least 5GPM or greater. Tractor must weigh at least 2,000lbs or greater. 5-8gpm 3/8″ inner diameter hydraulic hoses.

What are people saying about the lane shark?

"No longer dread the long work days at the hunting lease, The Lane Shark greatly reduced the time spent trimming limbs." "I have saved so much time and money after just a couple times clearing the roads and trails. This thing has been a game changer." "Definetly the best solution for keeping the pine rows trimmed and clean.

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