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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for Wells Fargo Advisors?

You can contact Wells Fargo Advisors on the given phone number 1-877-879-2495, 1-866-224-5708, 1-800-359-9297.

Who are Wells Fargo Advisors?

Wells Fargo Advisors traces its history to 1879, where it grew through mergers with many of the industry's regional and national firms. These include Wachovia Securities, A. G. Edwards, and Bache & Co.. The current CEO is David Kowach.

What is Wells Fargo IRA?

Wells Fargo IRA or Individual Retirement Account is a service from Wells Fargo company. It is a retirement plan for the people of United States. Customers can register online for this service and can generate their retirement portfolio by using IRA tools.

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