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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to teach students to write without tears?

Slide Letters- Handwriting Without Tears Style (great for distance learning!) This is a visual created to help children with proper letter formation for the letters v,w,x,y,z, and k. Teaching letters in groups that have similar patterns is a successful way to help them learn and memorize the correct way to make letters.

What is the Handwriting Without Tears program?

Traditional handwriting programs usually use a 3-line system to show where the top, middle, and bottom of each letter should be. The Handwriting Without Tears program uses a 2-line system that eliminates the top line to make it easier for kids to see where letters should go.

What is the keyboarding Without Tears application?

The Keyboarding Without Tears application is your entry to the first step in digital learning for K–5 that teaches typing, general computer readiness, digital citizenship, and online test prep. Keyboarding Without Tears Welcome to Keyboarding Without Tears

What is lettering without tears?

Letter formation practice designed to supplement the Handwriting Without Tears Program or needs of those teaching traditional print formation. Wide lines and directional arrows make it easier for young children to feel successful. The half-page size is less overwhelming for beginning writers and

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