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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mega Parc in Quebec City?

Recognized as the ultimate indoor entertainment destination, MEGA PARC is a major tourist draw in the Quebec City area. With its fully redesigned MEGA PARC, Galeries de la Capitale has a host of new offerings in store for visitors, with 18 rides, including 14 new ones, such as bumper cars, ice rink, roller coaster, Ferris wheel and arcades.

Will this be the largest shopping centre in Quebec?

Assuming that the project gets municipal approval, the Royalmount Mall by developer Carbonleo will become the largest shopping centre in Quebec and will be built on a 2.5 million square foot site just southwest of juncture of the Decarie and Metropolitain highways.

What's new at Quebec City's Galeries de la Capitale?

But, a shopping mall in Quebec City has seriously upped its game. After over a year of major construction (and a $52 million investment) Galeries de la Capitale has opened its doors to the Méga Parc. The new park is the largest indoor amusement park in Quebec and the second largest nationwide, according to a press release.

Is the proposed mega-mall bad for Montreal's economy?

Projet Montréal's Luc Ferrandez, borough mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal, was blunt when the mega-mall was first announced, saying it would multiply traffic and pollution problems as well as hurt the local economy. "Montreal is at a turning point.

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