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Frequently Asked Questions

What does orchards stand for?

The Background Check Unit (BCU) announced the implementation of the Oregon Criminal History and Abuse Records Data System (ORCHARDS), our new background check system. On 7/31/2020.

Where can I find information about orchards?

Updates and current news regarding ORCHARDS is available to users on its Home page. Use of ORCHARDS is only available for individuals subject to BCU’s statutes and administrative rules ( see Policies and Rules ) or for organizations or businesses under the Clearinghouse ( see Clearinghouse ).

Why partner with the orchard?

From digital retailers and physical stores to performance rights societies, our partnerships help amplify your reach and revenue across multiple business verticals. As a leading music dis­tri­b­u­tion company and top-ranked video network, The Orchard has local reps in 45 global markets.

When will orchards be available for background checks?

Staff and others will use ORCHARDS for background checks starting Friday, July 31, 2020. ORCHARDS is more secure and easier to use. Clients needing background checks will find ORCHARDS to be more user friendly and accessible to agencies and subject individuals.

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