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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you legally change a name?

Specific procedures to legally change your name are: Choose an appropriate name: Make sure that your name is appropriate and a legal name. Fill out the Petition to legally change your name. File your petition with your local Civil Court. Pay your filing fees. Attend your hearing to see if your petition has been approved.

What is a legal document for name change?

Generally the legal name change steps are: Draft your legal name change petition and court documents; File your documents with the court; Notify the public by publishing your name change in a local newspaper; Appear in Court; Make it official by notifying the SSA, DMV and everyone else.

What is a petition for name change?

The Name Change Petition must include the following information: the reason you want to change your name or your child’s name; if you or the child were convicted of a crime, information about the crime and time served. if you were convicted of bankruptcy, when the judgment was made and the terms.

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