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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grow Philodendron “imperial red” in a pot?

Being a self-header means you can grow Philodendron “Imperial Red” in a pot almost forever. The leaf nodes of this plant are so closely packed together that the stem is invisible and the plant looks like a bouquet of red tinted leaves. The plant naturally grows into a bushy voluminous shape with just a few leaves.

What does Philodendron imperial green look like?

Philodendron Imperial Green is prized for its large, smooth green leaves that fan out in all directions. In short looking quite spectacular on display. Imperial Green begins with long light-green oval leaves . moreover its growth quite compact within the pot.

What is a philodendron?

Philodendron plants have been growing in the tropical forests of America for centuries and have been a popular houseplant since Victorian times. A philodendron Imperial Red, sometimes called a “Blushing Philodendron” or a “Red-leaf Philodendron,” is one of several hybrid philodendrons that have been developed by growers over the last few years.

What should I do if my Philodendron Imperial Green has disease?

If you notice evidence of disease on your Philodendron Imperial Green, you should isolate it from any other houseplants and then carefully prune off all affected foliage with sterile pruning shears. Make sure that all other aspects of Philodendron Imperial Green care are being met, to ensure your plant is not at excessive risk of further disease.

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