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Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow Philodendron ring of fire variegated?

Philodendron Ring of Fire variegated will need more light for normal growth in comparison to the ones without variegation. So, always place the plant at the location where they get the exact light for their survival and healthy growth. These plants are of tropical origin and thus can’t survive in cold temperatures for longer periods.

Why do philodendrons have variegated leaves?

The members of the genus Philodendrons have variegated leaves that display beautiful color patterns. In every species, the size, shape, and texture of the leaves differ considerably. This variation is due to the maturity of the plant as well. This a genus of flowering plants and have a white to orange berry fruit color.

How long does it take a philodendron to grow?

You have to be very patient to see a philodendron narrow Ring of Fire grown to its maximum height. These are slow-growing plants and can take up to 10 years to reach their maximum height of 6-8 feet. So, just take good care of your plant and be patient. These are air-purifying plants and all parts of plants contain calcium oxalate crystals.

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