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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rodinia Benchmark Suite for FPGAs?

The Rodinia Benchmark Suite for OpenCL-based FPGAs is our modified version of the original benchmarks for FPGAs using Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL. Xilinx FPGAs are NOT supported.

What is Rodinia-HLS?

Rodinia-hls is an FPGA version of the widely used GPU benchmark suite Rodinia, written in HLS (High-Level Synthesis) C/C++. This project was initiated by Dr. Zhenman Fang when he was a postdoc at UCLA, mentoring a few summer intern students.

What benchmarks are ported to Intel FPGAs?

The following benchmarks are ported to Intel FPGAs: 1 nw (full optimization) 2 hotspot (full optimization) 3 hotspot 3D (full optimization) 4 pathfinder (full optimization) 5 srad (full optimization) 6 lud (full optimization) 7 cfd 8 bfs 9 b+tree 10 backprop More items...

What is included in each FPGA version?

Each FPGA version has a readme included that describes the parameters and optimizations for that version. The input data files for the benchmarks are not included in this distribution and need to be separately downloaded from here.

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