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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Rodinia form?

Although Rodinia appears to have assembled largely between 1100 and 1000 Ma (Fig. 9.1 ), some collisions, such as those in the northwest Grenville orogen (eastern Canada) and collisions between the South and Western Australia plates ( Rivers, 1997; Condie, 2003b; Meert and Torsvik, 2003; Pesonen et al., 2003) began as early as 1300 Ma.

When did Rodinia break up into Pannotia?

Rodinia broke up in the Neoproterozoic with its continental fragments reassembled to form Pannotia 633–573 million years ago. In contrast with Pannotia, little is known yet about the exact configuration and geodynamic history of Rodinia.

Is rodrodinia a supercontinent?

Rodinia, a supercontinent formed between 1.0 and 0.85 Ga and fragmented 780-600 Ma. (Reconstruction from Li et al. (2008), courtesy of Zheng-Xiang Li. Black regions are major 1.1-1.0 Ga collisional orogens).

Was there Rodinia amalgamation in Proterozoic Australia?

Proterozoic Australia's eastern margin was juxtaposed against either western Laurentia, South China or Mexico, while its western margin faced an open ocean. The record of Rodinia amalgamation is poorly recorded in Proterozoic Australia as there is no evidence for either subduction magmatism or continental collision (Fig. 5 ).

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