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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chez Scheme?

Chez Schemeis an efficient and reliable implementation of Scheme based on an incremental optimizing compiler that produces efficient code and does so quickly. Chez SchemeVersion 8.4 is an implementation of R6RS Scheme along with numerous language and programming environment extensions.

How do I download the Petite Chez Scheme and SWL?

Petite Chez Schemeand SWL may be downloaded at no cost via the links in the Petite Chez Schemesectionand/or Scheme Widget Library sectionbelow. Chez Schemerequires a license fee; if you have purchased a license, it may be downloaded via the links in the Chez Schemesectionbelow.

What is a scheme environment?

The initial (or "top level") Scheme environment starts out with a number of variables bound to locations containing useful values, most of which are primitive procedures that manipulate data.

What is C1 and C2 in scheme?

The most general notation (external representation) for Scheme pairs is the "dotted" notation (c1 . c2) where c1 is the value of the car field and c2 is the value of the cdr field. For example, (4 . 5) is a pair whose car is 4 and whose cdr is 5.

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