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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Brooke Shields?

That is when Brooke Shields took her first turn before the cameras as the face of Ivory soap. More ads followed, then movie deals, TV, stage and, almost always documenting her every move, paparazzi. Shields grew up in the public eye, and now she is aging in the public eye. And she wants to talk about it, as she did with us this past spring.

What happened to Mark Shields?

Editor's Note: PBS NewsHour's longtime friend and colleague Mark Shields has died at the age of 85. We aired his final regular appearance on NewsHour in December 2020.

What did John Shields do in the 1960s?

In the early 1960s, Shields enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in Florida. [4] [5] He was a lance corporal before he was discharged in 1962. [2] Shields was based in Washington D.C. from 1965, initially working as an aide to Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire. Shields joined Robert F. Kennedy 's presidential campaign in 1968.

Who is Scott Shields?

Shields is a regular political commentator on the PBS NewsHour . Shields is the author of On the Campaign Trail, about the 1984 presidential campaign.

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