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Frequently Asked Questions

What does tone mean in singing?

Singing For Dummies, 2nd Edition. Tone is what’s known as the color or timbre of your singing voice. Every voice has a specific color, which can be described as warm, dark, or strident. Two singers singing the same song in the same key may sound different — the reason is tone.

What is good tone in singing?

Ideal tone is balanced (between all the resonating cavities of the vocal tract), free flowing (free from tension and constrictions), resonant (with all the overtones present and a 'ring'), pure (the timbre is not made to be something that it isn't naturally), and supported (by good, steady breath pressure).

What is the meaning of sing song?

sing along(Noun) A gathering or event where participants are encouraged to add their voices in song. sing along(Verb) To sing some music while someone else is singing or playing the same piece of music or while it is being broadcast or performed.

What is the tone of song?

Is it possible to define a song's tone The word 'tone' often refers to a collection of sound qualities produced by an instrument--for example 'clean' tone or 'distorted' tone, and so on--something closer to the meaning of 'timbre'. I've not heard it used to mean some aspect of a song overall.

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