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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the positions and numbers in 7v7 youth soccer?

7v7 youth soccer position and numbers. The positions and numbers for the players in a 7v7 youth soccer game are: 1 – Goalkeeper ; 2 – Right side defender; 3 – Left side defender; 4 – Central midfielder; 5 – Left side midfielder; 6 – Right side midfielder; 7 – Striker; Youth soccer positions: 8v8

What is the best 7v7 soccer formation?

In 7v7 soccer, there are a variety of different soccer formations you can set your team up in. In this post, I am going to go over the best 7v7 soccer formation you can use which is the 2-1-3 formation, with videos that will help explain the roles and responsibilities of the players playing those positions and what makes this best formation.

What are the soccer positions for 9v9 youth game?

Soccer positions for 9v9 youth game Goalie – Orange / Defenders – Red / Midfielders – Blue / Forwards – White The recommendation for the under 11 and under 12 age groups is that they play soccer games of 9v9 players. In a soccer game of 9v9, you will usually see players positioned in a formation of 3-3-2.

What are the benefits of playing 7v7 soccer?

A common feature of youth soccer, 7v7 matches are a great way to hone players' skills and understanding of the beautiful game. Besides giving them more touches of the ball, the smaller space enables players to improve their technique, dribbling skills, and ball control as well as start developing a sense of positioning out on the pitch.

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