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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet?

On average, portable toilet rental cost runs anywhere between $65 to $100 per day . Rental cost also depends on the location, for example, if you are renting a Portable toilet in a big city it may cost more compared to small city. However, the cost for a single standard portable toilet may be estimated at $150 to $250 or more for a weekend.

Do you need portable toilets?

Chemical or portable toilets may also be a life-saver for home health care or for elderly, disabled, or other people of limited mobility who need a close-by toilet or who need to avoid excreting large amounts of drugs or antibiotics into a private septic system.

What is a portable toilet?

Portable toilet. A portable toilet or mobile toilet is a toilet that may easily be moved around. They may be toilets that can be brought on site, such as a festival or building site, to quickly provide sanitation services. Others may be toilets within mobile vehicles, such as boats or caravans.

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