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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Willett 4 year rye whiskey?

Its age is fairly common for ryes and despite it not coming from MGP like so many ryes do, its Kentucky roots don't make it stand out as most Kentucky distilleries have now added a rye whiskey to their product portfolio. Willett 4 Year Rye most notably stands out as the result of its flavor profile.

How much would you pay for Willett’s Bourbon?

And price has never been a deterrent for fans regarding Willett’s releases, with fans willing to pay whatever price was asked for one of the company’s high-aged bourbon or ryes. Their inaugural two year rye was priced quite aggressively at $35 in 2014. Six years later and two years additional aging has brought the price to $54, a 54% markup.

What is the difference between Kentucky Bourbon and Willett?

Willett Distillery is a bit of a mystery. The brand is technically called Kentucky Bourbon Distillers or KBD for short, but that’s more an industry term - “Willett” is what consumers use to refer to the brand. The company is a privately-owned family operation, run by the Kulsveen family.

Who owns Willett distillery?

Though the family was heavily involved in distilling through the next century, it was Aloysius Lambert Thompson Willett, born in 1909, who officially founded Willett Distillery in the village of Bardstown. The distillery was located right on the family’s farm, and in 1937, they had placed their first barrel into storage.

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