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Frequently Asked Questions

What does petition the court mean?

Petitioning the court is the act of asking the court to hear a case. Any case that is heard before a court, no matter whether it is a divorce case or a child custody one, must first go through a petition.

How do you petition the court without an attorney?

Any case that is heard in a court of law is received as a petition first. To petition the court without attorney, you must obtain the appropriate form and request a court date or hearing. By filing the form, you are "petitioning" the court to hear the case.

Do you need a lawyer to petition the court?

You petition a court as an individual the same way an attorney petitions the court. Unless you are part of a corporation, partnership or other business entity there is no requirement that an individual person have an attorney.

What forms do you need to file contempt of court?

If the other party to a lawsuit has refused to obey an order of the court, you can file a motion for contempt. Actually, you file a document called "Order to Show Cause and Affidavit for Contempt.". If you are filing this in California Family Court, use form FL-410.

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