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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the King Neptune statue in Virginia Beach?

The statue is a prime photo-op spot and must see for any tourist. Located along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, the King Neptune statue by sculptor Paul DiPasquale stands mightily at Neptune Park near the Hilton Hotel at 31st Street.

When was the statue dedicated to the city of Virginia Beach?

The statue was dedicated to the City of Virginia Beach on September 30, 2005, during the Neptune Festival Boardwalk Weekend. In 2015, the 7 foot maquette that served as a model for the sculpture was donated for display at the Cape Charles boardwalk. ^ a b "Virginia Beach Public Art". Retrieved 2021-04-09.

What is the significance of the statue of Liberty in Virginia?

His heroic visage honors the maritime legacy of Virginia Beach while also standing as a vivid reminder of the community’s duty to respect and protect our natural blessings.

How tall is the King Neptune statue?

King Neptune is a large bronze statue located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and sculpted by Paul DiPasquale. The statue depicts the mythological god Neptune and is located at the entrance of Neptune Park on the Virginia Beach boardwalk on 31st Street. This sculpture weighs 12 tons. and is listed as 24 feet (7.3 m) or 34 feet (10 m) tall.

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